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Shares for rights: The right to have your opinion listened to has been ignored

If you ever wonder why people think government consultations are just a matter of routine that they get out of the way before they go and do what they’ve always planned, then the Government’s response to their ‘shares for rights’ proposal (PDF file) won’t surprise you at all. It’s a masterpiece of setting out all […]

Rights for shares: raise the white flag

Only a week after George Osborne announced it at the Tory Conference, and we finally have a public comment from a senior Liberal Democrat on it. It’s Vince Cable who rides out with an article for Liberal Democrat Voice and as you’d expect from the renowned champion of the left of the party and former […]

Who can follow Vince?

Just when we thought everything was settling down – is it really only three weeks since the election? – comes the news that Vince Cable is standing down as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats in order to concentrate more on his new role as Business Secretary. It’s a surprising announcement in that there hadn’t […]

2010 General Election Diary Day 10: Tough on volcanoes, tough on the causes of volcanoes

You know, if I’d been a mischievous journalist, I’d have been tempted this morning to call a few of the more rentaquote politicians around and tell them that all flights in the UK had been cancelled because of a threat from overseas. Would have been fun to see just what sort of quotes you would […]